We are thrilled to announce that not only did we break our attendance record with a whopping 425 guests, but we also raised more money for the COGWA Youth Camps program than ever before!

This wouldn't be possible without YOU! Thank you so much for your sponsorships, donations, auction purchases and more! We also want to thank all of our volunteers who helped organize and set up the event. This was a very unique year for our family and we absolutely couldn't have pulled this event off without your help.

I would not have been able to attend camp without the generous donations from Boot Scoot. Because I was given the opportunity to attend, I developed relationships with the ministry as well as with people my age, considering there weren’t many in my own congregation. Your hard earned money helps others, like me, be able to attend camp, experience new activities and develop godly habits.
— Anonymous Camp Scholarship Recipient


2019 Sponsors

Our sponsors help us cover many of the expenses for running Boot Scoot each year. We couldn’t do it without you!



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The Webber & Bynum Families


A special thank you to the following In-Kind Sponsors:



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It’s not too late to help! Your donation contributes to the event and the COGWA Youth Camps Activity & Scholarship fund!

All proceeds from Boot Scoot provide
scholarships and activity equipment for

We want to thank Love Runs Deep and the Boot Scoot activity for providing the funds for us to purchase new kayaks. To see the campers gain confidence, and begin to paddle around, work through the obstacle course and participate in splashing the staff is wonderful! That kind of growth and experience often cannot be gained in another way.
— Tom Clark, Director, Camp Cherokee